Revamping Bad Food Servers Into Good Ones

Restaurants are preparing an all out offensive, in order to hold onto every single customer, that walks in the door. Since our government has declared WAR on small business, entrepreneurs are scrambling to work with what they’ve got. Every expenditure is being carefully scrutinized, in order to leverage every dime with creative innovation. 


The article written by Kare Anderson / May 5th, 2009, was exceptional, entitled “Coddle and Keep Customers – Even in a Cold Economy“. Quote: “Poggio opens onto the main street of my village-by-the-bay, Sausalito. It doesn’t serve breakfast. Recently this upscale restaurant started offering fresh-baked Italian pastries and coffee as a drive-by service for the morning commuters heading into S.F. With famously great food, a prominent location and just one new, part-time “running waiter” the restaurant has gained a new profit stream. Plus the activity has drawn more stay-at-homes to drop by for a takeout breakfast.” Poggio, is but one glistening example of creative innovation.

Yet, no matter how clever or creative restaurants become, one important factor continues to escape most of them. Retraining, retrenching and revitalizing, the best-of-the-best, food servers they possess, is the only way to retain customers.

While restaurants spend a fortune in overhead and supplies, they still remain, gaggling geese, when it comes to reining in bad servers. The quality gourmet platter is for naught, if the service stinks, your customer loyalty shrinks!

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  • enzozebo December 13, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    There is only one place in this world where I can go after 10 years and order a coke, and the server remembers that I like a marachino cherry in it. That is good service, with a cherry on top!!