Who Cares About Customer Service?


Who Cares About Customer Service? When it comes to customer service, brands need to see things from a customer’s perspective, not the most convenient way from the brand’s point of view. Tools are meant to facilitate communications between brands and their customers, not to give score to each customer’s online presence then reply to queries according to scores. Would you as person, a customer of a business, like to be treated like this? Probably not! So, treat your customers in a way which you’d like to be treated as a customer to another business.

Prioritization is key of course, but what seems has been receiving the least attention is customers’ feelings — which is the primary component of return business. For example, if you go to a pizza restaurant you trust, because you see them in almost every high street and see their adverts online as well as offline, but you have to wait for 25 minutes before having your starter on your table, and when you get your food, the waitress tells you to have your pizza with your used cutlery, because they don’t have clean cutlery — how would you feel? Are you going to go back to that restaurant?

Are you going to have anything nice to say about the service you received? [click to continue…]


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