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Serve Me Well provides quick, easily digestible gluten-free nuggets of wisdom, deliberately taunting the reader with buckets of common sense and solutions to daily work challenges. We promote and foster what we consider the essential ingredient to success, that being...The Atticus Finch Work Ethic is one of the primary learning pillars included in the mandatory portion of our forthcoming online training tutorial.
The ritual of teaching the art of serving food and drink is our core and purpose.  Dining is an expression of ourselves, be it feast or Ramen noodles.  For some, it is a momentary pause for nourishment, while for others, it becomes an ardent ceremony besetting our mood.  The mingling of food and drink strives to awaken our senses, coaxing us with intoxicating aromatic blends of ingredients meant to titillate and tantalize our palates.  Yet, it remains the sole duty of a Food Server to transform the delivery of a meal with fluidity into a captivating expedition.
Serve Me Well offers much much more than teaching the selling and serving of food, we are the only training workshop with a high-impact focus in the awakening of ethical core work principles and wickedly powerful skill sets, techniques, and spiels without the hustle. We reach beyond the norm in presenting vital lifelong learning lessons in; humility, patience, etiquette, social skills, learning cooperation and building self-confidence.  All the elements and skills necessary to attain the delicious joy of self-fulfillment.
The power rests squarely upon the performance of the Server to heighten a guest's satisfaction and dining pleasure.  All learnable skills which can produce PROFITS.

... an amuse bouche sampling of what we teach

  1. Artfully Chiseled
    Artfully Chiseled
    Skills, Techniques & Spiels without the hustle
  2. How To
    How To
    Sell & Serve Food & Beverages... efficiently
  3. Mise En Place
    Mise En Place
    'everything in its place' The 'What' & 'Where' it belongs
  4. Server Manifesto
    Server Manifesto
    Learn to Listen, Study & Practice | "Do's & Don'ts" | Faux Pas
  1. Workshops
    Opportunities...why aren't you getting any?
  2. Transitioning?
    Life | Career | Unknown
  3.  Wickedly Powerful
    Wickedly Powerful
    High-impact, bite-sized (amuse-bouche) curriculum
  4. Inspirational
    Motivational and galvanizing to get you where you want to go
  1. Vernacular
    Colossal Glossary of Terms & Lingo
  2. Resources
    Safety, Sanitation, and Certification Resources
  3.  Masterful Revival
    Masterful Revival
    Atticus Finch Work Ethics
  4. Atheneum
    Life Long Learning Library
"You can't plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind."... Gordon B. Hinckley

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